Til Design Do Us Part: Bringing DIY and high tech design together to create fabulous and meaningful spaces. Tim and Kara Paslay manage to make it happen every episode while also working through the relationship conflicts that inevitably rise when it comes to home design and renovation.

The Team

More than just another design show team.

Kara is the creative soul of this dynamic pair, with a drive that keeps an eye on the organizational side of executing her designs. Tim has the mind of a seasoned engineer and the hands of a skilled artisan. Much of the fun in watching Kara & Tim work together is how great they compliment each other in their collaborations, but still manage to step on each other’s toes in the process. Like any couple, they struggle at times, to come to an agreement in life & at work... but somehow the project always gets finished with flawless perfection.

About The Show

Helping couples get through the design process without killing each other.

'Til Design Do Us Part is a show about a contrasting, experienced married couple helping other couples get through the design process without killing each other. Since Tim and Kara design for a living (both their home and other's) they know just how close the process can bring you to complete breakdown. Renovation and design causes great stress which makes for great TV, but not for great relationships. Never two to back down, Tim and Kara

won't try to eliminate the fights, but show other couples how to use disagreements to create a better finished product. Besides the relationship aspects, 'Til Design Do Us Part will focus on melding both unique, DIY design and high tech, cutting edge design. This combination will assuredly bring an audience that is anxious for every episode, both to be creatively inspired and to see if the couple can keep it together for one more project.

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